Hotel Hygiene: Minimize Your Risks

LBC loves a nice hotel stay just as much as the next person. But we must face this ugly and upsetting fact: hotel rooms are germ infested.

Think you're better off staying in a luxury hotel? You're not. In a study released in January 2016, TravelMath reported that not only are hotel rooms germ-laden, but that the 4-star and 5-star hotel rooms are germier than their less luxurious 3-star counterparts. 

Germiest areas in hotel rooms:

1. Bathroom counters
2. Remote controls
3. Desks
4. Phones

Not all bacteria will make you sick, but some easy precautions during your hotel stay will minimize the risk:

* Wash your hands frequently
* Disinfect surfaces before touching them
* Keep away from certain areas

And if you're OCD like LBC, hang your bag in the closet, off of the desk, off of the floor, and off of the chairs.

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